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The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream album FLAC

The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream album FLAC
Performer: The War On Drugs
Genre: Rock
Title: Lost In The Dream
FLAC album size: 1690
Style: Indie Rock
Country: US
Released: 2014

The new War On Drugs album is a winning combination of psychedelic rock, krautrock, folk, and Americana-just like the band's last album, but better.

Hear the brilliant third album from Philadelphia’s The War on Drugs, and let us know what you think.

Lost in the Dream is the third studio album by American indie rock band The War on Drugs, released on March 18, 2014 through Secretly Canadian. The recording session, which took place over a two-year period, was characterized by numerous rewrites. The album's lyrical themes were influenced by the loneliness and depression Granduciel faced after he finished touring.

Lost in the dream Or just the silence of a moment It’s always hard to tell Down in the way They cut it open and they sold it It’s always hard to tell. I saw a soldier man He locked his eyes like they were rings Ooh but it’s hard they can’t resist You may risk it all You’d risk it all for the memory But it’s living under your skin Love’s the key to the things that we see And don’t mind chasing Leave the light on in the. yard for me, oh. When we were the same We stroked our arms and we wore them thin Ah the sadness it was in But you don’t miss it man You got it all like a memory Now it’s living. That was one of the first songs I recorded on the album. I remember having that guitar, just a little thing, I sat down at night and put a drum machine on it. It’s funny, if you heard the drum machine, it was like a disco pattern.

The War on Drugs’ 2011 album Slave Ambient saw perpetual unease as a Zen state: bandleader Adam Granduciel’s ruminations on restlessness read like a veritable prescription for Xanax, but the psychedelia-smeared country-rock enveloping his words was all, like, No worries, dude. The War on Drugs’ third album, however, presents no easy remedy for his inner turmoil. If the mesmerizing motorik hum of Slave Ambient gave Granduciel an outlet to escape his problems, Lost in the Dream is where he pulls a U to survey the emotional wreckage. As detailed in a recent Grantland feature, Lost In the Dream was the product of a grueling, year-long recording process. Though Granduciel involved his touring band more so than any previous War on Drugs record, his perfectionist tendencies still held sway, resulting in endless cycles of recording, revising, and scrapping.

Work on follow-up third album Lost in the Dream began while the band was on tour in 2012, with the full process of writing, demoing, and recording stretching out over a 15-month period and employing five different studios in as many states. Instead of resulting in a piecemeal pastiche of discordant ideas, Lost in the Dream actually represents the most fully realized statement from the group thus far, with all ten songs gelling together with a sense of purpose and understated brilliance the band came close to before, but delivers in full here

That essence drives 'Lost In The Dream', a 10-song set produced by Granduciel and longtime engineer Jeff Zeigler. In the past, Granduciel built the core of songs largely by himself.

The War on Drugs make archetypal road-trip music: shimmering, steady, gritty as pavement and open as the sky. Longer on instrumental texture than songwriting, their third album recasts the blue-collar fantasias of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen as earthy ambient music, better to soak in than to scrutinize.

Drugs album’s gonna sound like? That was quickly followed by another who nearly laughed remarking, What won’t it sound like. that with each song [and Lost In The Dream was recorded using. Lost In The Dream has also been released as a double record gatefold on brilliant translucent purple vinyl, spinning a 45 rpm's.


Under The Pressure 8:51
Red Eyes 4:59
Suffering 6:01
An Ocean In Between The Waves 7:11
Disappearing 6:51
Eyes To The Wind 5:54
The Haunting Idle 3:07
Burning 5:48
Lost In The Dream 4:09
In Reverse 7:41


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
SC310 The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(2xLP, Album) Secretly Canadian SC310 US 2014
none The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(10xFile, AAC, Album, 256) Secretly Canadian none North America (inc Mexico) 2014
none The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(10xFile, FLAC, Album) Secretly Canadian none Europe 2014
SC310 The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(2xLP, Album) Secretly Canadian SC310 Europe 2014
SC310 The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(2xLP, Album, Club, Ltd, RE, Gre) Secretly Canadian SC310 US 2014
SC310 The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(2xLP, Album, Ltd, Pur) Secretly Canadian SC310 US 2014
SC310 The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(2xLP, Album, TP) Secretly Canadian SC310 US 2014
HSE-69145 The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(CD, Album) Hostess Entertainment Unlimited HSE-69145 Japan 2014
SC310 The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(CD, Album) Secretly Canadian SC310 USA & Europe 2014
SC310 The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(CD, Album) Secretly Canadian SC310 USA & Europe 2014
none The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(CD, Album, Promo) Secretly Canadian none US 2014
none The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(CD, Album, Promo, car) Secretly Canadian none US 2014
SC310 The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(CDr, Album, Promo) Secretly Canadian SC310 US 2014
SC310LPC4 The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, Gre) Secretly Canadian SC310LPC4 US 2018
none The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream ‎(2xLP, Album, TP) Secretly Canadian none US Unknown

Wow! Most of side A sounds like a cassette tape getting eaten. There are skips because of little flakes of white plastic stuck to the record face. First impression: not a good pressing at all. Will try the cleaning kit but not much you can do about the sway on A/B. The record looks gorgeous though. :-)
I have a copy mislabeled with both side A and B having the B-side label. Any news on this anywhere?
Is this ( the same pressing as this ( I don't know...
Bought this sealed and mint condition and the first plays were unrecognizably bad; skipping and slurring all over. After cleaning with a kit (fine brush, spray and microfiber cloth) it began to play clean. Not sure if anyone else had this experience, but it's been perfect ever since that first debacle!
I'm very happy with mine because it sounds just fine!
I think I have the American pressing of this album as I bought at a local record shop. My copy seems to be a very good pressing. Had I read all of these reviews though, I probably would not have take nthe chance on it as it was $28 in a brick and mortar store. It is flat and pressed on center. It is not very noisy. Sonically, it sounds pretty good too. Musically, this is great. I'm just discovering them.
Minor swaying on A&B, minor warp on C&D. Minor pops here and there, nothing worse than the original black. Nothing is affecting quality enough for me to be angry. Glad to have this on color.
There is swaying happening on my LPs and it does sound like it's affecting the overall quality and tone. Also, there are spots with popping. Not impressed at all...
energy breath
My copy isn't bad. A small amount of swaying on LP2, and there are a few spots with minor popping, but other than that, it sounds fine. Happy with it overall!
Mustard Forgotten
While it appears that I’m the exception here cause everyone else is raving about the pressing quality, the copy I received is quite poor and I’ll be returning for a replacement.
I also requested a replacement for my copy. Several markings on disc two that create loud ticks and pops.
Mine is pressed off center. Just like the various black copies I've had. Not sure it is even worth the hassle to return it.
our initial pre-order quantity is sold out, but plenty more will be made available in the coming weeks. sign up for stock notification on our site for first chance.
Will there be another repressing of this pressing coming out turntablelab?
ℳy★†ỦrÑ★ Wiℓℒ★₡oℳ€★TøØ
I don't think it is much better than the original black pressing. My copy is pressed off center.
It was Jun 13 4PM EST, they announced it on Twitteredit: they never sent emails either, I was signed up and didn't get one
Is this a new master, cut? I ask because the standard black pressing that's out there is notoriously terrible. Really hoping that it is wonderful... and hoping I can actually get a copy! Signed up for stock notifications.
Luckily my copy sounds very good, but beware, a lot of complaints on this one. There are some good copies out there , exchange it if it’s not flat or off centered . Stunning album.
first disc (a, b) is pretty goodsecond - garbage with clicks (especially D)
was it pressed by MPO? I have the same eact issue with A deeper understanding: record 1 is excellent but record 2 disappointing (looks badly scratched and has bumps that make clicks here and there)
Well I have to say the copy I just purchased off Amazon UK is pretty damn good. I was nervous because of all the bad reviews but thought I'd take a chance. Both records are flat and perfectly centred. Both are clean and free of any visible scratches or defects. Bar some low crackling during "The Haunting Idle" they sound great as well. The music, mix and mastering sounds spectacular. Perhaps the issues have been sorted out. Not a "audiophile" pressing by any means but very good.Glad I purchased it.
My copy of this release has very noticeable clicks and pops throughout, and suffers from constantly changing warbled pitch as others have experienced. Clicks and pops aside, the noise floor is low and the vinyl is flat. Tones are a bit cool, and the vocals are buried. Bottom end is ample but muffled as are the high frequencies. The mix sounds like it could be good but this pressing is so poor it's hard to tell. Had I purchased this album somewhere other than discogs, I'd return it. I do not recommend this release. (Rega Planar 3, Exact 2 cart, PSE Studio SL, Linn LK85, Linn interconnects, Linn Katans)
Mine is off centered as well. Really annoying pitch shifts.
Like others, the record was pressed very poorly. Fluctuation in pitch is evident throughout and it makes the record close to unlistenable. The album is spectacular and I hope Atlantic does a better job with their next album.
So glad I managed to get this copy after reading the horror stories on the regular black pressing page. It sounds fantastic! I will agree with Killahwhale (review below me), about the "wobbly" guitar. The flanger/reverb effect on the guitar does sound different - i would say more "organic" - than the mp3's I've listened to. I think it's cool though. One thing to note - my purple pressing is definitely purple but when it sits on my black slipmat it just ends up looking black.
My copy has only one slightly off centered side - the last one. I think I wouldn't hear it if I couldn't see it ;). Otherwise perfectly flat. Nevertheless - I understand how shitty it feels if a loved album isn't just perfect.
To anyone reading this, I would wait for a repress of this album (if it ever happens). This one sucks. And everyone who I've talked to has the exact same issues with their pressings. Both records are pressed incredibly off centered, the tone arm rocks back and forth. The second disc is warped. Side A is unlistenable, it changes in pitch in a "pulsing" way, very annoying. I tried fixing the center hole on my copy by widening it a little bit. It improves it a bit but the pitch thing still makes it impossible to listen to. It's on "Under the Pressure", my favorite on the album. What a shame.
Beats me why after all the effort, labour, blood, sweat and tears that are involved in the creative process not to mention the work of highly skilled studio engineers, this 'project' is nullified by selecting a very poor pressing plant/facility? There is no information on the pressing facility either. I have stayed away from this one as a result. Life is too short to have deal with off centre spindle holes, warped discs and noisy vinyl, a nightmare package.
I bought a copy of that record yesterday and when playing it this morning I figured out it was off centered and the last track of the A side suffers of periodic unpleasant high frequencies. Does that happened to anyone else?
Musical Aura Island
I have the same problem with the last track of A side. It’s sad.
yes, the beginnings of the sides are fine but the last tracks get crackly. i thought I needed to clean it yet it seems fine to the eye. Damn
I had two copies, both off centered, didn't listen to th end of side one, as this is no pleasure then :-(
Yeah, check the coments below, you are not alone .
Marvellous album and a very nice sounding record. My favourite TWOD offering so far, with some truly outstanding moments; none more so than the opening track - pure perfection!
This pressing sounds great, I tend to notice the guitar effect sounds a bit different on vinyl then MP3 on most of the tracks. Not sure if its the pressing or not. It sounds a little more "wobbly". Happy with this album as it's amazing.
I've had three copies of this record and every copy has been warped or off centered...i wish there will be repress and different pressing company.
I have only one copy and LP 1 is a little warped.
This 2 record set was pressed the USA and both sides of record a are badly off centered. Is it really that difficult these days to press a decent record, Secretly Canadian? The vinyl itself is silent but the only way to solve the problem of an off centered record is widening the center hole. Thing is one has to center the record manually and in many cases the other side is not off centered at all making centering that side can be difficult. Space ships are sent into the universe, pressing a record properly seems to be impossible these days. Don't know what plant pressed these records but it might be wise to close that plant down. Record 2 showed some nasty warps to make things even worse. In short, a failure. And it is most likely that ALL copies from the same run show the same defects.
Just received mine today. It's pretty much unlistenable. Really disappointing.
Same here. Mine was off center as well. Very disappointing!
Ferri - My name
anybody wind up with two A/B sides? I just bought a used copy from Amoeba SF, and it had two C/D's and no A/B :( I'd hate to have to return/refund this....
My copy is dodgy. Contacted Secretly Canadian and they sent out a new copy free of charge but that one has same problem with that one too. The tone arm rocks back and forth, evidence that the grooves in the master copy weren't centred. It becomes more noticeable toward the middle and sounds like it's wavering in pitch ever so slightly. Really off putting to listen to.
Yep. Sounds fantastic. Great pressing -- confirmed.
Beautiful pressing. Sounds brilliant - despite of poorly made spinholes the album is HUMONGOUS.
Something tells me that my proper release on Secretly Canadian sounds wayyyyy better than the VMP version ;)
pressed with the same plates at the same plant so not sure why that would be the case....
My review for the album Lost In The Dream stands as previously listed, and one of the most exciting bodies of work I've heard since Dylan's Blonde On Blonde." In my collection I have the CD, the Purple Vinyl, the Green Splatter Vinyl, the Black Vinyl [2 record set], the Black Vinyl [Single record], and this Test Pressing [2 records] [1 of 4 copies] … all signed by Adam Granduciel.SC-310LP grace all sides … I asked Charlie Hall, the drummer for War on Drugs about the word 'salt' that appears on the runout grooves of sides B and D, he said that 'salt' refers to Paul Gold and his record mastering company Salt Mastering. Here's a link … albums came in white plastic lined paper sleeves with hand written notations in the upper left corners of each sleeve. The albums had then been placed into a generic brown jackets.There are 18 people on this site who "claim" to have copies of this ... dare I say from firsthand knowledge that that's impossible.Review by Jenell Kesler
There were at least 10 copies of the test pressing given out free by resident in Brighton after it made number one in their 2014 end of year list. It isn't signed, but it's a Lost In The Dream test pressing all the same.I "claim" to have a copy because I have a copy.
Thanks for the info! I've had one of these pressings for a few years now, sadly not signed by Adam though!
Wow. I have the black 2 x LP. I hope you don't get bored with it. I have. It's the whining. All the whining. I'm a dork about stuff I like too e.g. Black Moth Super Rainbow and The Microphones/Mt. Eerie. So there's some ammo. Happy listening. K
i fell out of love with "recent" bands and albums until someone recommended lost in the dream to me, one of the best albums ive heard for years, yes it does sound like Dylan but is that a bad thing?, a beautiful album where i can just get lost in the guitar and drums, i can't heap enough praise on it.
Anyone interested in selling this record? If so, Message me.
This package should include:-The standard "Vinyl Me Please" partial wrap-around housing for the sealed record jacket ...-A bird print …-A black tee shirt with the bird from the print on it [sealed in a plastic bag] … Note: This may or may not have been an add on, I've seen it both ways.-A sealed vinyl album will have a green sticker in the upper left corner stating: THE WAR ON DRUGS/LOST IN THE DREAM/LIMITED EDITION ON GREEN VINYL/A VINYL ME, PLEASE EXCLUSIVE and then VINYL ME PLEASE printed with a rectangles box ...
It's a good album, kind of Dylanesque with a dash of Tom Petty. Good road music.Unfortunately, I find by the time "Disappearing" finishes, I've had enough of it. The songs are just too similar. I have never even played the second LP. I feel that with a bit of editing to "Under the Pressure" (why does it go on for nearly nine minutes?) and axing "Suffering" (a waste of a track), this could have been a fine 1xLP.
Went Tyu
If you shut the record off after "Disappearing", you'll miss out on "Eyes to the Wind" and "In Reverse"!!!!!!! (WTF, dude.)
I hate digipacks. Does someone knows if you can ge this great cd also somewhere in a jewel case?
Gatefold: CD is in one side and Liner Notes are tucked in the other.
Impala Frozen
great album, great production. Very happy i pre-ordered the purple. This one will be a gem for years to come.
just one girl
I’m standing around the back hall after the El Ten Eleven show talking with a group of self proclaimed music people, and naturally the conversation turns to War On Drugs, and why shouldn’t it [?], after all Kurt Vile had played this very venue almost a year ago to the day, with someone asking, “What do you think the new War On Drugs album’s gonna sound like?” That was quickly followed by another who nearly laughed remarking, “What won’t it sound like.” Of course my ears perked at these comments and as I turned on my heels, saying “Have any of you actually heard the album?” The hall was quiet until I went on, saying that I had, and that Lost In The Dream was not only quite good but very important, representing not only a smooth but remarkable step forward from Slave Ambient and every bit as intoxicating as Dylan’s step into Blonde On Blonde ... that with each song [and Lost In The Dream was recorded using analog tape] they mixed tape on tape creating a density that’s impossible to push through on one listen, delivering a constructional concept of intelligent hazy smoke filled neo-psychedelic enchantment that is both breathtaking in its beauty and laden with dreamy washes and sonic guitar solos designed to spirit your soul into another dimension ... though making the decision to come back, may be the most difficult part. Lost In The Dream really is a beautiful body of work, one filled with some of the finest most considered guitar structures and insightful lyrics I’ve heard in a very long time, one I can’t get enough of, and having it on purple vinyl only makes things that much more remarkable and enticing. I find it hard to believe that in 2014, there will be an album released to best these efforts, and while I realize that’s a bold statement, I can count myself among the first to be lost in the dream.Post Script: This album only gets better over time, it's like a ride on a magic train. I got to see them live, preforming a nearly 2 hour show in Tucson at the Congress Hotel with less than 500 people in the venue, an event that must be heard to be believed.Lost In The Dream has also been released as a double record gatefold on brilliant translucent purple vinyl, spinning a 45 rpm's. This is a limited edition of 400, finding one is nearly impossible, and mine has been autographed by Adam.Lost In The Dream has been reissued by Vinyl Me Now as a double record gatefold on brilliant splattered lime green vinyl, along with a stunning print of a crow [though what the crow has to do with this album is still alluding me]. By breaking the album down into two discs spinning at 45 rpm's allows the grooves to be thicker, hence achieving better quality and durability … trust me, hearing is believing, though with a limited edition of 2100 copies, it's tough to come by.*At the time of this review and discussion, I had a pre-release copy.Post Script: Caught the band in Tucson [4.8.2014], it was like a magic train ride, and just when you think you've caught your breath, they reach out and take it away from you again ... or perhaps I just lost my voice from signing too loudly. Caught them again in Denver, then in El Paso [creating T-Shirts for the occasion] where they this time had a tour bus, and had a bit more time to hang with the band.Review by Jenell Kesler
Not sure there are 400 copies of the purple if 982 are listed on here as owning it...
Mine just got shipped. Does anybody know how many purple pressings there are?
The purple pressing is limited to 4,000 copies world-wide, according to SoundStageDirect.
Evidently 400. Not sure if that is US numbers or total production.
Only 250 in UK Indie stores is what i heard. Not sure how many pressed in total but i'd say 1000 max.
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